a ludum dare 45 game

You're a thief... and not a very good one. You find yourself in a mall after hours. This is what rock bottom looks like. With nothing in your pockets, and nothing to lose, you have one last chance to prove to your other thief friends that you have what it takes to practice the art of looting.

Unfortunately, the mall is filled with killer robots. Can you sneak past them and make it to the exit on the first floor while wracking up the big bucks? Time to pull on your ski mask and prove that you aren't just another straight laced normie.

WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Press E to interact with items. Use the elevators, escalators and stairs to travel between floors.

Uploaded a new file to fix a game breaking bug.

Install instructions

Download file and unzip. Run the FiveFingerDiscount.exe inside the folder.


Five Finger Discount Windows Build

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