You live in a city run by an evil corporation called Exaction Corp. They have it's citizens contained and controlled just they way they like it, but you can't stand it any longer. It's time to fight against the powers that be by distributing mix tapes and bootlegged VHS. Remove the evil influence of the corporation by gaining your own.

Start in your home neighborhood and distribute your nostalgic items. As you gain influence you will get the option to unlock any neighborhood you want and distribute your items (the buttons will light up). But be careful. The better a neighborhood's temperament is toward the corporation, the harder it is to earn influence. However, the neighborhoods with higher class citizens will pay more chits for your items. Spend chits at the shop to increase your voice, which will help you earn more influence.

Win by removing all corporate influence from the neighborhoods. Lose by giving up and abandoning your city.

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