This is a short game prototype that a friend and I worked on for some learning experience during Ludum Dare 41, we ran out of time and made it as complete as we could, but couldn't submit it. Unfortunately it's buggy and at this point not something either of us has time to spare to rewrite the code to fix a lot of the issues. Fortunately, we learned a lot along the way. Hopefully in the future we can complete it and expand on it as we both like bullet hell games in the style of 1941

To Play, Mouse Button fires your weapons and WASD moves you around the road. Collect weapon upgrades (red is the best honestly) and floppy disks by killing enemies. The floppy disks add to your "hacking" meter. Fill your Hacking meter before running out of life to face to the final boss.  Use the sidewalks on either side to slow your car down.

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